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Wilmington Town Meetings

Wilmington Selectboard 09/21/21

2021 Selectboard Offices
Chair: Thomas Fitzgerald
Vice Chair: John Gannon
Clerk: Vincent Rice
Ex-officio of Planning Commission: Sarah Fisher
Ex-officio of Recreation Commission: Vince Rice
Ex-officio of Development Review Board: Thomas Fitzgerald
Representative to Trail Committee: John Gannon
Representative to Bi-Town Economic Development Committee: Thomas Fitzgerald

Meeting minutes can be found at - here

Wilmington, VT. Planning Commission Meeting 08/30/21

Next meeting: September 13, 2021 4:00 PM Meg Staloff, Chair(4 yr term 2025) mstaloff@wilmingtonvt.usAngela Yakovleff, Clerk (4 yr term 2023)John Lebron, Vice Chair(4 yr term 2024) jlebron@wilmingtonvt.usBrian Holt, (4 yr term 2022)Michele Carlson, (4 yr term 2023)

Meeting minutes can be found at - here

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