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COVID-19 Update

DCTV-8 is fully open for business, while taking all state mandated precautions to keep our clients and video team safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

We are ready to produce video and content for you. The State of Vermont has issued guidance for businesses which allows for on-site video shoots. DCTV-8 is equipped with the tools and training to produce the best quality video and audio while keeping you and your staff safe. It is our responsibility to observe social distancing and face coverings, among other measures, to ensure we keep the spread of this virus to a minimum.

We have the ability to produce remote or have you come to our excellent, state of the art, studios in Wilmington, VT. So if you aren't comfortable for an on-site production, we'll work remote to get the job done.

We look forward to working with you, stay healthy!

The Visitors' Guide to Southern Vermont

The Visitors' Guide to Southern Vermont

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